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National Non-Smoking Week has been observed during the third week in January for more than thirty years.

From its inception in 1977 until 1998, NNSW activities were coordinated by the Canadian Council on Smoking and Health (now known as the Canadian Council for Tobacco Control) and organized around a central theme. The themes were chosen to focus media and public attention on particular concerns related to tobacco use.

Year Theme/Slogan
2014 Truth in Advertising
2013 Live, work, play... even better smoke-free 
2012 Breaking up is hard to do 
2011 There are hundreds of reasons to quit... what's yours?
2010 Quitting is contagious, pass it on!
2009 What Have You Got to Lose?
2008 Taking My Life Back From Tobacco
2007 I quit for…
2006 Where You Work, Live, Play… Even Better Smoke-Free
1999 to 2005 No theme
1998 Smoke-Free Workplaces/
"Smoke-Free Works for All of Us"
1997 Youth, Tobacco and the Environment
1996 Youth Access to Tobacco/
"Youth and Tobacco: What a Crime!"
1995 Youth Advocacy
1994 Media and Advertising
1993 Women and Tobacco
1992 Tobacco Sales to Minors
1990 & 1991 Children and Tobacco
1989 Women and Smoking: Take Control
1988 Second-Hand Smoke Hurts
1986 & 1987 Smoke-Free
1982 to 1985 Towards a Generation of Non-Smokers
1978 to 1981 Join the Majority — Be a Non-Smoker
1977 Kick the Habit
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NNSW Dates

January 19-25

January 18-24

January 17-23

January 15-21