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NNSW 2012

Resources from the 2012 campaign.


The next National Non-Smoking Week will be held January 15-21, 2012. The theme is: “Breaking up is hard to do.”


Printed posters are unavailable for distribution this year. Please click on the image below to download a high resolution PDF (11x17). If you don't have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can download a copy for free from the Adobe website.

The poster is free to use and adapt; however, prior to printing, please send a copy of the altered poster to CCTC at for approval.


Breaking Up is Hard to Do

National Non-Smoking Week poster 'Breaking up is hard to do'


The following citations provide links to literature on the psychological relationship between people who smoke and tobacco. A full bibliography is also available; please click here to download. The bibliography is free to use. If you intend to alter and/or distribute copies, please contact CCTC at or 1-800-267-5234 and let us know.

Breaking free from nicotine dependence: a combination of strategies boosts the odds of success
Harvard mental health letter 27(10), April 2011, 1-3
Because successfully quitting smoking requires overcoming the psychological habit as well as the body's addiction to nicotine, the combination of a medication and therapy is more effective than either option alone.

Loneliness and smoking: the costs of the desire to reconnect
DeWall, Nathan C.; Pond, Richard S. Jr.
Self and identity 10(3), 2011, 375-385
People have a fundamental need to belong, which influences self and identity regulation processes and health outcomes. Deficits in belongingness motivate people to seek out sources of renewed affiliation. What consequences might this desire for reconnection have for smoking? Proposes a theoretical model in which feelings of social exclusion predict higher rates of smoking, presumably out of desire to regain a sense of social belonging.

My love affair with nicotine
Sager, Michelle
Globe and Mail, November 21 2011
The author discusses her relationship with cigarettes, beginning with casual smoking as a teen to an addiction that was hard to break as an adult.

Nicotine dependence and psychological distress: outcomes and clinical implications in smoking cessation
Cosci, Fiammetta; Pistelli, Francesco; Lazzarini, Nicola; Carrozzi, Laura
Psychological research and behaviour management 4, 2011, 119-128.
Level of nicotine dependence and psychological distress are examined in detail to show how they may affect smoking cessation outcome and to encourage clinicians to assess patients so they can offer tailored support in quitting smoking.

20 shocking smoking facts
Martin, Terry
Tobacco facts, November 14 2011
Offers 20 facts about tobacco aimed to help smokers end their dependent relationship with cigarettes and “learn to see our cigarettes not as the friend or buddy we can't live without, but as the horrific killers they truly are.”


CCTC has developed 4 factsheets related to smoking cessation. The factsheets are free to use. If you intend to alter and/or distribute copies, please contact CCTC at or 1-800-267-5234 and let us know.

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