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NNSW 2011

Resources from the 2011 campaign.


The next National Non-Smoking Week will be held January 16-22, 2011. The theme is: “There are hundreds of reasons to quit... what’s yours?”

People who smoke respond very positively to messages telling them why they should quit. The following brief bibliography provides links to items that examine and discuss this phenomenon.

Exploring differences in smokers' perceptions of the effectiveness of cessation media messages
Davis, Kevin C.; Nonnemaker, James M.; Farrelly, Matthew C.; Niederdeppe, Jeff
Tobacco Control. January 2011. 20(1): 26-33.
Advertisements that utilized “why to quit” messages, including graphic images or personal testimonials, were more effective than other cessation messages in making people want to quit smoking.

The global research neglect of unassisted smoking cessation : causes and consequences
Chapman, Simon; MacKenzie, Ross.
PLoS Medicine. 2010. 7(2): e1000216.
Calls attention to the importance of including motivational “why quit” messages to stimulate cessation attempts. Persons attempting to quit should be repeatedly told that cold turkey and reducing-then-quitting are the methods most commonly used by successful ex-smokers.

Spending, shopping and saving : ex-smokers' perceptions about material gains following quitting
Bonevski, Billie; Paul, Christine; Lorraine, Paras; Lecathelinais, Christophe.
Journal of Smoking Cessation. June 2010. 5(1): 77-82.
Quitting smoking means having more money to spend and increased opportunities for expenditure on other products and services that may improve quality of life.

Understanding how graphic pictorial warnings work on cigarette packaging
Kees, Jeremy; Burton, Scot; Andrews, Craig J.; Kozup, John.
Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. Fall 2010. 29(2): 265-276.
Highly graphic images of the negative consequences of smoking had the greatest impact on smokers’ intentions to quit. The most graphic images, such as those showing severe mouth diseases, including disfigured, blackened and cancerous tissue, evoked fear about the consequences of smoking and thus influenced consumer intentions to quit.


The CCTC is very excited about this year’s posters. But with so many options available, we were unable to choose a single poster for printing and decided to leave the choice up to you. You can print just one, some or all. We would greatly appreciate hearing from you about the poster(s) you have selected for printing.

Please click on the images below to download a high resolution PDF (11x17). If you don't have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can download a copy for free from the Adobe website.

Please Note: No posters are available for distribution this year.
If you have any questions, please contact CCTC at or 1-800-267-5234.

Reason #23: Cigarette filters could contain pig's blood...

National Non-Smoking Week poster depicting 'Reason 23' to quit. Shows a pig against background of dripping blood.

Pig’s blood has been found in cigarette filters in some countries. But it would not be listed on cigarette packaging because the tobacco industry does not disclose the full list of ingredients of their products to their consumers. For religious, cultural and ethical reasons, these findings are cause for concern.

Please see PIG 05049 by Christien Meindertsma for more information.

Notice of poster changes.


Reason #76: Polonium 210 — who wants to smoke that?

National Non-Smoking Week poster depicting 'Reason 76' to quit. Shows a skull in smoke and a radioactive symbol in blood red.

Polonium 210 is a highly radioactive substance. In 2006, Alexander Litvinenko, a former KGB agent, died in London three weeks after being deliberately poisoned with the known carcinogen – a toxic substance found, albeit in smaller doses, in cigarettes.

Please see the article Waking a sleeping giant: the tobacco industry’s response to the polonium-210 issue for more information.


Reason #103: Monkey see, monkey do.

National Non-Smoking Week poster depicting 'Reason 103' to quit. Shows a young girl dressed up like a grown up and holding a lit cigarette.

Research has clearly demonstrated that children whose parents smoke are four times more likely to start smoking than children of non-smokers.

Please see the following two articles for more information:


Reason #238: It could cost you an arm and a leg!

National Non-Smoking Week poster depicting 'Reason 238' to quit. Shows a stylized female human body fracturing into chunks and flying away.

Smoking damages your blood vessels causing them, over time, to become clogged. This restricts blood flow and can lead to a condition known as peripheral arterial disease.

When the arteries that carry blood to your legs or arms become partially or totally blocked by the build up of fatty material on the artery walls, the tissue dies. The dead tissue is called gangrene. Gangrene always leads to amputation.

Please see the following items for more information:


Reason #401: To save a gene a day.

National Non-Smoking Week poster depicting 'Reason 401' to quit. Shows an image of lungs superimposed over a stylized male torso, with a lump and bright red spot in the right lung. A double helix twines up behind this image.

Researchers have mapped the DNA mutations in skin and lung cancer — findings that one researcher says will change how cancer is viewed.

For lung cancer, the British team found almost 23,000 mutations or one mutation for every 15 cigarettes smoked and so on and so on…

Please see the article A Small-Cell Lung Cancer Genome with Complex Signatures of Tobacco Exposure for more information.


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